Regarding Ozzy Osbourne

This is an example page for my forthcoming graphic novel (working title Scrupulosity) which is due out in early 2014 from Myriad Editions. It is based on a conversation I remember having with a fellow schoolboy, sometime in the early 1980s. I must point out that I am pretty sure that Ozzy never actually executed a dwarf onstage, and although he did pull the head off a dove while drunk at a press conference, and bit the head off a bat that was probably already dead (the possible source of the dwarf hanging/arrest story?) I don’t believe it was a regular occurrence.

Collection printed

I’m excited because I just got these back from the printer. I’ve printed up all my hand made comics, plus assorted other strips into one 100 page volume. I’ve called it Disrepute.

Its printed on Cyclus semi-bleached paper in two colours- black and Pantone 7464.

I’m very pleased with it, and grateful to David Small, Nicola Streeten, MK Czerwiec, Sarah Leavitt and Philippa Perry for providing blurbs for the jacket.

I’ll be selling it at Comiket in London this weekend and taking it to TCAF in a few weeks. I’ll also be selling it though my site etc.