About Ian Williams

‘I am a physician, comics artist and writer, based in Brighton, UK. After training in medicine I took postgraduate studies in fine art and then an MA in medical humanities. I have taught at both medical schools and art schools, and have written book chapters, scholarly papers for various journals and articles for broadsheet newspapers. I started making comics under the nom de plume Thom Ferrier in 2007 but have since reverted to using my real name. My debut graphic novel, The Bad Doctor, was published in June 2014 by Myriad Editions.

I am a member of the advisory board for the International Health Humanities Network, a council member of the Association of Medical Humanities and joint series editor for a forthcoming book series from Penn State University Press. You can find me on twitter  as @TheBadDr and MK and I also tweet as @GraphicMedicine.’



4 thoughts on “About Ian Williams

  1. I would just like to say that my not very fun trip to Manchester began to be more interesting when i bought Roy’s Secret on a local comic shop, simple and very interesting. Thanks Thom.

  2. Hi Thom…was browsing about on the web and came across your page about BPD. Was thinking of starting a group on facebook and was wondering if I might share your comics? you can reach me via email below. Thank you 😀

  3. Dear Ian,

    Thank you for this engaging and really great graphic novel! Very thoughtful story about life as a doctor- it’s food for thought ! I really like the details you’ve added of Iwan and his patients- always wondered what GP’s get up to between seeing patient. Also, the decision for Iwan to face his own condition through trying to help one of his patients- a heart warming episode, and in fact, him having a better relationship with everyone as a result of dealing with his own fear.

    I think I studied Illustration with Hannah Berry- Hello Bezza if it’s you!

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