Doctor vs Tramp


Here are some more pages from my forthcoming graphic novel The Bad Doctor, to be published by Myriad Editions next year.

This is the black and white linework. I’m hoping to add a 50% grey tone too (see the bottom of this post) but am going to add that in the correction stages, once I’ve got the whole caboodle done in black and white.

This is the opening sequence.

I need to adjust the size of the text, I realise.


disrepute2disrepute3disrepute 4 disrepute5 disrepute6greydisrepute 7grey disrepute8grey disrepute9 disrepute10greydisrepute11grey disrepute12grey disrepute13grey

Once I render the panels with some grey tone (which could actually be replaced by a spot colour, say a nice bluegreen or light brown) they will look like this:



One thought on “Doctor vs Tramp

  1. He he he he he !!!! Its v good Ian, do you remember we did have a collapse at the bus stop and I went because ‘some one’ took no notice when the ‘public’ came in to ask for Dr , then someone told you and you followed on. We had most of the characters from town
    round giving advice and waited 45 mins for Ambulance. It was Eluneds mother. She looked as though she was dead, but that was just her normal colour and she had only fainted. Happy days!!

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