an Advent Conversation

OK, here’s a bit of seasonal vitriol I just penned. I’ll scan and colour it at a later date, but I thought you might like it in its raw form. Click on image to enlarge


7 thoughts on “an Advent Conversation

  1. Ummm did santa not leave you what you wanted last year? or is this all about being left out because you don’t have children? I have the answer, go on holiday to a far flung part of world where they don’t do Christmas!! Can see you gnashing your teeth as you wrote this! xxx nurse Wendy!

  2. And I’m always shocked by how many people who go for the whole Christmas thing then confess to hating every minute of it! I hope you’re going to secretly stick copies of this strip into Christmas crackers, Ian…

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  4. Aye. The media/ advertising also present Christmas as this huge big family snuggle-time. It just isn’t like that for everyone. And the presentation of it as thus can starkly spotlight the deficit some of us feel in that respect.

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