Countdown to Chicago

I one months time – on the 11th of February, I’ll be flying off to Chicago to make some collaborative work with my friend and colleague MK Czerweic, aka Comic Nurse. We are going to be ‘Comics Artists in Residence’ at the Feinburg Medical School of Northwestern University and will be getting the students to make some strips. We’ll also be teaching a course on Graphic Medicine that MK has instigated there. In fact she has started teaching the first cohort of students today! She’s also been collaborating with the amazing Riva Lehrer who I’m looking forward to seeing again when I’m over there. I’m fortunate to be a Welsh artist, because the Arts Council of Wales are very supportive of innovative schemes and my residency has been funded by Wales Arts International, which is a collaboration between the British Council Wales and the Arts Council of Wales.

While I’m out there the next issue of the journal Atrium -entitled ‘Graphic’ will be launched. It has been guest edited by MK and by Cate Belling.

I thought I’d post the short ‘graphic essay’ on, er, swearing, that I drew up for the new Atrium issue. If you are viewing it on a small screen it may be a little hard to read, so you could see a larger version on my main website here.


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