‘The Sorry Entertainer’ review in FPI blog

Wow! my second posting in one day!

I’m just tying up loose ends and came across this FPI review of an anthology I was invited to contribute to this past year- The Sorry Entertainer, put together by  Simon Moreton and Nick Soucek, who are active in the Bristol comics scene, which I admire very much.

I was very pleased to part of it and I really enjoyed the other strips

I hadn’t actually clicked that Richard Bruton had written a review of it in the Forbidden Planet International blog

Click on the image above to go to the review


Compassion vs Rage: The Comics of Dr Thom Ferrier


Thought I’d post  a link to this audio podcast from Comics and Medicine- The Sequential Art of Illness which took place at Northwestern University, Chicago, last June. It’s some guy called Ian Williams talking about my comics.

listen here

Rocking Train Strip

Some of you may have seen this strip before. I drew it on a rocking train, heading home from London in November (hence the shaky drawing). I photographed it on my phone and posted it page by page to facebook. I thought I would scan it properly and post it here.

First Fictions / Myriad First Graphic Novel Competition

Hello and welcome to my new blog. I’m rather excited today as I have just been shortlisted for the First Fictions/ Myriad First Graphic Novel competition. I’m one of the seven shortlisted comics artists, chosen from over 70 entrants. So is my friend Paula Knight. I’m thrilled we are both on the short list, and up against stiff competition such as Gareth Brookes. Yikes!